Episode 9

Happy 2017! In our spontaneous decision to have podcast seasons, this marks the end of Season 1. We chat about katamaris, moving, and another talk from Indie DevStock, Simon Allardice’s 26 Techniques To Improve, Learn, Create, Share & Ship.

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Get Accessors

Join us on a progressive exploration of our adventures with get accessors! To follow along, get the playgrounds!

Episode 8

In perhaps the most philosophical episode to date, we share thoughts born from Tammy Coron’s keynote at Indie DevStock. Are we mad? What are ideas, and where do they come from? Stay tuned until the end to hear from a special ghuest!

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Episode 7

Explore obscure figures of speech like synecdoche and merism as they relate to protocols through the lens of rogue taxidermy…

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Episode 6

The Catterwauls contemplate generic typealiases, naming conventions, and parts of speech. They also sing about alien swifts…

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Episode 4

The Catterwauls forge ahead in their adventure through the RWDevCon Vault, chat a bit about WWDC, and tell you why they’re heading to Indie DevStock this September…

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Episode 3

The Catterwauls continue working through the RWDevCon Vault, and talk about MVCpp and what programming languages are for in the Podcast…

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